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NJA is built upon the belief that imagination and creativity are empowering tools for building emotional skills such as empathy and our ability to communicate; learn and connect.

We aim to explore whether junk, presented creatively through new narratives, can help us learn about who we are and the place we live in. 

 We engage these principles by providing a non-judgemental setting where participants can utilise their lived experience and circumstances to shape the practice of litter-picking;  the development of each encounter  and ultimately, the final outcome, the artwork, is often taking the shape of a public litter sculpture.

Each NJA project is shaped around the participants’ needs, time and ability. A workshop with us can be a one-off experience or a longer project. Locations for both litter-picking sessions and art-making workshops are flexible and depend on participants’ locality and infrastructure.

We Provide:

  • Introductory litter-picking training
  • Free tools and equipment
  • DIY art material and space, if needed

Participants are introduced to litter-picking and equipped with litter-picking tools before embarking on their own litter treasure hunt. After the litter-picking, participants share experiences and ideas, while creating art from junk. Everyone is invited to take part in a collective warm-up workshop in order to get into a creative flow that will allow them to use their personal narrative as a guide to making a final artwork.


JunKAction Celebration

Transforming Streets, Uniting Communities, and Redefining Art Station Road

JunKAction's Celebration, part of Croydon's Borough of Culture, featured litter picking and art-making, including a four-and-a-half-meter replica of the South Norwood Clock Tower sculpted from litter by South Norwood Primary School pupils.

The Tree of Beer Cans

Tuesday JunKAction

The Tree of Beers, an installation in Belgrave Car Park, adorned with over a thousand collected beer cans, symbolizes the area's litter issue and aims to spark reflection on community challenges and the need for collective action, made possible by the support of WELOVESE25 and dedicated volunteers.

ScareCrow Junk Action

S.Norwood Recreation Ground

Norwood JunKAction's ScareCrow JunKAction, supported by the Mayor of London Community Weekend and Stanley Arts, held a two-day event at South Norwood Recreation Ground. Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, it featured litter-picking and art workshops creating scarecrow installations from collected litter.


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Norwood JunKAction engages with individuals and groups, local organisations, schools and community hubs. 

 You can connect with us  in many ways, including litter-picking and art-making workshops, public sculpture-making sessions, as well as our work with schools and much more.

 We always seek additional voices to enrich our work to meet individual and collective needs. Get in touch to learn more about how you can become part of our JunKAction project.


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