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Notting Hill Carnival

In 2022, NJA took onoff its first major project involving a collaborating with TRIBOribo Band ’s costume for the famous Notting Hill Carnival.

TRIBO band is an international non-profit cross-cultural drumming and dance music project whose philosophy aims to educate young children and adults and encourage their creativity.

colourful and playful collection of shirts, vests, and headpieces.

Local councillors and the police about the prevention of drinking alcohol in the street.

The result was a colourful and playful collection of shirts, vests, and headpieces. Together, we marched in our costumes and played Samba and Samba Reggae at the Notting Hill Carnival.

With the costumes we maimed The costumes wanted to raise awareness about fly-tipping and propose a sustainable way of making costumes and reducing waste during celebrations of this kind.

Projects & Events

The Tree of Beer Cans

Tuesday JunKAction

Tuesday JunKAction's sessions were happening in different locations in South Norwood, including occurred at the Belgrave Car Park, just a few steps from Norwood Junction station. Belgrave Car Park is a residential area that suffers immensely from the issue of litter, mostly of which is beer cans


Notting Hill, London

Before the carnival this grand occasion, NJA ran three litter-picking and costume-making workshops in South Norwood, designing a manual instruction distributed around the UK and reaching out to 70 other members of the TRIBO Band who would perform at the cCarnival over the weekend.


Project Sub

On the day we were equipped with litter-picking tools marching as a testament to our commitment to our Trans community bringing not only attention to trans rights but also addressed the impact litter has on the environment and ultimately on ourselves and our communities.

JunK Action Celebration

Uniting Communities

As part of the Carnival of Invention and Croydon Borough of Culture programme, JunKAction presented its first Celebration dedicated to litter picking and art making during the Carnival of Invention 2023 in South Norwood. Part of our celebration was the, unveiling a four-and-a-half metre replica of the South Norwood Clock Tower

Light Provoking

public installation

The artwork has been created by light designer Issac Matovu, - who is a cherishedlocal volunteer and a longtime member of NJA- is a light-provoking public installation set up as a chandelier above the station underpassage. This installation, made of plastic bottles collected in the neighbourhood, comes alive at night with its mysterious, a shimmering light.

Saturday Junkee

Various locations

Saturday Junkee was a four-month bi-weekly litter-picking and art-making programme designed to engage individuals and groups busy with work during the week, and struggling looking for activities with the local community during weekends.


Stanley Arts, South Norwood

For King Charles's Conornation, NJA set up JunKoronation, exploring a different way of celebrating the coronation ceremony beyond pageantry. In the run up to the coronation event weWe worked with pupils from Oasis Ryelands Primary School pupils

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